We focus on maximizing your efficiency and minimizing your facility and operational costs.

Partnering with the award-winning Midstate Energy and Urban Energy Solutions teams gives you a single point of contact to manage the risks associated with improving your buildings, facilities, and systems.

With our customizable energy solutions and performance contracting guarantees, you can hit the easy button to saving money while enhancing your facility environment.

Understanding the Time-Tested Midstate Energy &

Urban Energy Solutions Project Process

In-House Expertise of 65 Engineers and

388 Construction and Implementation Specialists (57 Project Managers) 

Partnering with Midstate Energy and Urban Energy Solutions brings Building Enhancements, Risk Reduction, and Financial Savings.

  • Projects Are High Quality, Maintained, Verified and Guaranteed.

  • Lower Your Operating Costs, with Greater Savings Over the Life of the Project.

  • Working with Midstate Energy Provides a Single Point of Accountability.

  • Financial and Operational Risks of Efficiency Improvements Are Shifted From the Public Entity to Midstate Energy.

  • Use of Our Local In-house or Partnering Professionals Results in Local Economic Development.

  • Funds Saved From Lower Energy, Water and Gas Bills Can be Reinvested Into Further Improvements or to other Expenses.

  • Projects Result in Improved Indoor Air Quality in your Facility.

  • Maintenance Costs and Equipment Breakdown, and “Warranty Chasing” Are Reduced.

  • Projects Greatly Affect Your Sustainability Planning including Solar Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Clean Air and Gas/Water Conservation.

24/7 Monitoring
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
Building Automation
Solar & Battery Storage

Our historic and focused clientele gives your organization depth and proven project experience.

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Academic Institutions


Municipal Facilities

Commercial Buildings


Federal Facilities


Healthcare Organizations



Wastewater Plants


Funding your project.

When traditional capital and operational budgets aren't available, our access to innovative funding options puts upgrading your facility within financial reach. We help your organization navigate all options to transform facilities and leverage a wide variety of contracting vehicles, many that guarantee the results of your savings.

See our work in action. 

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